The sailor has always been accused of having a girl in every port.

I suppose I am no different, I was always told to be like Jesus, just love them all.
After a lifetime of sailing the seven seas, I found I could not pick only one.
I was able to settle on or restrict myself to four beautiful ladies,
To be the love of my life. In them I found complete satisfaction.

The first one is so sweet and tender when I see myself as wretched and evil as I truly am.

The second one has taught me true commitment to stand strong in the face of adversity.

The third one gives me vision to go on to reach for the moon.

The fourth one truly fills my life as I move through this world of need.

The names of these four loves of my life are as follows,
Grace, Faith, Hope and Charity
These are the loves of my life.








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Can you imagine in eternity how remarkably clear your mind is going to be and how you are going to be able to remember every opportunity and every moment that you had to accept Christ as your Savior, and now you sit there and over and over and over and over you hear the denial,
your rejection of His grace and His mercy.








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God says,
"Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church."

Man answers.
"Come on God you know I can't do that, do you realize how much I have to put up with in this woman?"

"I also said, wives obey your husband and seeing that you are my bride you should look at yourself first and see what I have to put up with in you.

So quit your bitching."


If this last posting offended you look at how God speaks when he wants to get his point across about how we offend Him.
look at Ezech Chapter 23 verses 1 to 23






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The power and mistique of a woman.

Is that which draws a man to her side, as a partner as an equal as the necessity in life.

Man was made to be
the bulldozer,
the truck,
the tractor,
the protecting cargo box for a precious crystal treasure.

The crystal vase was to be
the music,
the center of all that is precious in the man's life
everything he would work for,
strive to conquer.

Her soft and calm continents is what his delight is to come home to.

Her art in preparing and setting the table is as sensual to him as the smell and the beauty of her appearance.








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When the path of life becomes
hard and clouded
and your moccasins
are wearing thin.

Go forth oh brave one,
but one step at a time.

The right steps
are always before you
and the hard ones
will become reachable
with fewer mistakes
when tempered in time.









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True liberty and freedom come with responsibility!

To think you can sleep every night with out taking your turn at guard duty is folly.

your children are your ward,
there is a social undertow that intends to drag them down.

Fellow Americans,
your liberty is your responsibility.

Again there is a political undertow to bring you into captivity,









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You can take a pig out of the pen,

but you cannot take the pen out of the pig.

You may put lipstick on a pig,
but he is still a pig.

Change must start in the heart,
But the heart is deceitful.
Who can know it?

Real change for help must come from outside of one's self.

The only thing
that can come from inside is the understanding of








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Sometimes while being a thousand miles away from home you are closer to home than when you are having dinner with the family.

So let's be thankful for the little time that we have.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.








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Comfort weakens a man.

Self preservation hinders expansion.

Security is mans worst enemy.

It is better to suffer the pain of want, with hope, than to have no want at all.

There is something fantastic about the discomfort and challenge of this life .

I think that is what true life is all about.








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Better is the cold and turbulent rushing river,
than the water in a peaceful pond,with no outlet.
So is a person living with out challenge or change.
That person or that life has become stagnant,
dull without savor.

Change is inevitable,
but if you refuse the change
you stifle maturity or growth
and life itself.

Politicians are like diapers, they must be changed frequently.

President elect Robin Williams.







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Life's question.

What will you be when you grow up?

Or I'll be happy when?

In all your plans for the future
take time to pause to be thankful
for the moment!

The reason our spiritual lives are so dull or insipid is because we worship a God of the future.

When I die I am going to go to Heaven or in the sweet by and by everything is going to be fine.

As the saying goes,
Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

God is a God of the now.
I am that I am.

So the question is:
How big? Is your God?








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If God created you
then you are His to do as He pleases,
so quit complaining.

It pleased Him
to give you total liberty
to choose whatever you wanted!
So who is in control
you or Him?

Do you think it would cramp your style
to acknowledge Him
and thank Him,
when you get up in the morning?

He may give you some good direction.

What a concept!

As the quote goes,
"In all thy ways acknowledge Him
and He will direct your path way."

On the other hand
you may believe like Darwin,
So go ahead and monkey around.
O here's a banana for your kid.








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The Village Blacksmith .

Under a spreading chestnut tree
The village smithy stands:
The smith, a mighty man is he,
With large and sinewy hands;
And the muscles of his brawny arms
Are strong as iron bands.

Poem by Longfellow








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There was a very rich young man and a beggar.
As time went on the two became very close friends.
One day as the old beggar passed by the rich man's house,
he found that the young man had died.
So in his pain and respect for his friend, he went home and painted with watercolors a picture likeness of the young rich man.

When the old man completed the picture he took it to the young man's father's house.
The doorman answered and the old beggar said, your master's son was very special to me, when I heard that he had died I painted this picture of him, would you please give it to his father?
The doorman said yeah okay, he took it in the house and laid it down.
Later the doorman said to the Father, by the way your son had befriended an old beggar.
This is the watercolor painting he did of your son.
The father was a collector of very expensive paintings which he had gathered all over the world.
And so when he received this watercolor painting, nothing more was said.
Years passed and the father died. They held an auction for his art collection.
People from all over the world came to buy some of these expensive paintings.
The beggar heard that there was going to be an auction for the paintings, and he was wondering is it possible that the father had kept his watercolor painting of the son.
He thought if he could find some clothes he might be able to sit in the auction room.
The day came and people from all over the world were standing at the door waiting for the door to open.
The auctioneer started the bidding.
He said the first picture to be bid on is this water color painting, but nobody bid on it.
The poor man thought to himself, I've got a few pennies maybe I can buy it and so the auctioneer said sold.
Everyone was so relieved they got rid of this ragged old watercolor painting.
They were now happy to start with all of the rich paintings.
The auctioneer said:
"In the will it says that the person who buys the very first painting which is this watercolor painting, should receive everything,
today's auction is closed."








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Who am I?

The me I see
is the me I will be,
Maybe I should look at myself differently! ???

As a man thinks,
so is he.

The problem is,
no man thinketh,
they just follow.








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I met a beautiful family.
Three years ago they left their homeland and moved to America.
Their own country was given
freedom liberty 20 years ago
but the people could not deal with the Liberty
that demands RESPONSIBILITY.

They all seemed to rather live under
the hand of strong powerful government
who controlled their day to day lives
as long as they had food and shelter.

This reminds me of that people
under slavery for 400 years
miraculously set free
and given a land flowing with milk and honey,
but NO they could not handle
Liberty, responsibility, self-reliance,
They would rather
have a king to rule over them
like the other dictator governments of that day
because of their lack of self discipline
it seemed easier to let the government provide
and they could blame the governments
rather than take responsibility for their own actions.
Today we see the same thing happening in our country
and worst of all it is happening in our Churches,
people would rather live under the hard law and call it grace,
instead of taking liberties that require responsibility, self discipline, integrity and ramifications of decisions made.








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The light at the end of the tunnel
is not an illusion.

The tunnel is.








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The tunnel is the illusion.
Now be silent.
Let the One who creates the words speak.
He made the door,
He made the lock,
He also made the key.








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The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion,
the tunnel is the illusion.
This life we live is only three score and ten give or take a few.
But you started eternity the day you were born.
So now that you have a choice,
ie. free will,
what will you do with it?
After all,
life is a bus stop;
you choose the bus and the destination,
this life is the illusion.
Eternity is reality!








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More people are influenced
by the tongue in your shoe
than by the tongue in your mouth.
It's the way you treat people not what you tell them. 








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Aw he's just a baby.
No he is a genius
and the whole world is made for Him
and Him alone.
the whole world spins around him.
His brain is firing on all 8 cylinders'
and he is actually smarter
than his caretaker who thinks he's just a baby.








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Teaching Liberty vs Fear

Of all the things we learn why do we start out teaching our newborn children fear?
Don't do this, don't do that,
be careful you will get hurt,
watch out,
with all negative.
and then we expect positive results.

Why is the news on the radio and the television only news when it is bad news.

why not start out with Liberty, with responsibility, self control, integrity, ramifications of your decisions.

Do you think that this would encourage leadership?
After all how has the other been working for you?

51% of us are receiving some kind of government handouts and that's called liberty?
Those who make 20 to 30 K per year, 70% of their children make more.
Those who make 100 K to 200 K per year, 70 percent of their kids make less.
The question is why.








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The human brain is never more active and fully in use as it is in the first 6 months of its life.
you may say
it is firing on all 8 cylinders,
taste, touch, smell, here,
also fear,
safety or loving experience.

The whole world is at its becon call and he has arrived
in the whole world
bubbles down to him
until he discovers rejection negative fear black cold pain then he starts to pull back into himself his brain now works on self preservation instead of in exploring this new world.








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A great quote was born (11.13.1789).
On Friday 13 November, 1789, Benjamin Franklin penned a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, a fellow inventor.
In it, he told Leroy that the U.S. Constitution had finally been completed. He wrote:
“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”
The words have lived on — in a truncated version — and become one of Franklin’s most famous quotes.








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Hi would you like to come to visit at the local morgue,
we are having special meetings.

No! I was raised by one of them
I went three and four and maybe 5 times a week,
they CONTINUED to inform me
of how lacking and rotten I was
and so I work hard at being just like all of them.
The more I looked like them and received their praise
the dirtier I saw myself to be in my hypocrisy.
I also saw that none of them really believed
any of that stuff in their handbook,
and none of them really wanted to die to themselves,
at least not right now.

So it seems better at the moment to be thankful
for the life that I have been given
and to focus on the One who has given me
life and breath for this moment.
I thought it might be better to read the handbook
and become more acquainted with the author who wrote the handbook.

















As I boarded the plane I noticed how much the air lines had scaled back,
to conserve on cost.
Instead of a 747 or a DC nine I found myself boarding an oversized VW bus with wings attached and two red fire-extinguishers
duct-taped to the back for jet engines.
With nothing in my hands
I had to scoot down the aisle sideways
to get to my seat,
there it was; 11b,
I sat down and buckled up as I noticed
what everyone else was doing,
waiting to go who knows where.
Then that familiar voice came over the speaker, good morning ladies and gentlemen we are happy to welcome you aboard flight number double 007,
we would like to remind you of the
Ten Commandments, in other words
rules and regulations,
of the airlines.
As she droned on with this memorized speech you could see she was just going through the motions and really didn't give a damn, this is what she had to do in order to make a living.
I noticed that all the people were bussying themselvs doing whatever they needed to do,
and this dribble was just part of what one must endure in order to get to wherever they were going.
Suddenly it struck me!
This is like it is as we go to church.
We show up at church and go through the motions, doing what ever everyone else is doing in hopes of getting to wherever it is they think they are going.

I wish you were hot or cold but because you are indifferent
your constitutional liberties and freedoms
are being ripped away by



















You may find that you
started a project too late!
but you can never start making good decisions too early
because every decision you make will affect the rest of your life,
like every hit with the hammer and chisel
will shape the path of life.

































God is only hindered by your lack of desire to learn!

God's perfect number is seven,
so the answer is
Matthew 7 verse 7

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

and Matthew chapter 6 verse 33
"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

SO! Let's say you want to start a new business,
and you aspire to do great and mighty things,
you're waiting for the right time or finances.
What are you waiting for?
What is in your hand!
Don't despise the day of small beginnings.
Clearly it’s what you do –
not when you do it –
that really counts.
As Richard Bach once said,
“Here is the test
to determine
whether your mission on earth is finished:
If you’re alive, it isn’t.”
Consider this list
of international heroes
of all ages
who discovered their passion
and did not allow circumstances
to hold them back.

At age 7…Mozart wrote his first symphony.
At 14…country singer LeAnn Rimes won her first two Grammy awards.
At 16…swimmer Shane Gould won three Olympic Gold medals.
At 17…Joan of Arc led an Army in defense of France.
At 20…Debb Fields founded Mrs. Fields cookie company.
At 21…Fred DeLuca co-founded Subway with just $1,000 in the bank.
At 43…John F. Kennedy ran for the U.S. Presidency, and won.
At 45…boxer George Foreman regained the heavyweight championship of the world.
At 45…Mary Kay ash founded Mary Kay cosmetics with a $5,000 investment from her son.
At 46…Jack Nicklaus won his sixth Masters tournament.
At 54…jockey Willie Shoemaker won the Kentucky Derby.
At 57…Ray Kroc founded MacDonald’s
At 62…Colonel Sanders devoted himself to Kentucky Fried Chicken.
At 78…Grandma Moses started painting and was still participating in one-woman art shows well into her nineties.
At 83…architect Frank Lloyd Wright was asked which of his masterpieces was the best. “My next one,” he said.
At 84…Titan painted his famous “Allegory of the Battle of Lepanto
At 86…Ruth Rothfarb ran the Boston Marathon in just over five hours.
“You lose a lot of speed between 80 and 86,” she joked.
On his 104th birthday…Cal Evans was interviewed by a Denver reporter.
“Have you lived in Denver all your life?”
asked the reporter.
Cal laughed and replied,
“Not yet, Sonny.”





Critical Thinking 101

Church and political meetings,
Are the place
you will find dishonest sinners.
The one is ashamed of his dirty self and hopes you will not see it.
The other is proud of his dirty self,
with intent to spring it on you later.
One of them has hope,
guests who.
So learn to sin with integrity.
Be who you are, with an honest heart to listen and learn.
Don't jump because some well dressed fool says he has the answers to life.
He is probably trying to gain control over you.
This is critical thinking 101.












(in other words it is eternal)

LIES are found in the five senses,
your taste, your touch, your smell,
your seeing your hearing,

Your emotions follow your heart which are all connecteted to your five sences.

These are all good in their place,
but they have no substance,
they have no foundation.

MANS KNOWLEDGE can only come from these five senses.
These are all changing and they are all only temporal.
That which is seen is temporary,
but that which is not seen is eternal.

So the question is:
Where do you find truth which has substance?

How about checking your gut intuition as to where truth is?

Why should I answer the question,
when you already know the answer?












Never lose your childish enthusiasm and will bring light and life to people.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein.












Salt may add flavor, 
Salt may encourage thirst, 
Salt will sting a wound, 
but encourage healing. 

But that is not the true work of salt.
Salt is meant to be a preservative. 

As an old seaman I have become salty. 
My reason for living now is
to preserve the good
that I have found in this life, 
and then to pass it on to you. 

I am old enough so that 
I don't give a damn
what other self-righteous intellectuals
say or think that I should do. 
I do not owe them anything I don't look to them for approval. 
I have lived my imperfect life and suffered, 
learning right from wrong. 
(good from bad) 

My job now is to preserve the good
and to leave a map for those who follow.













Very few of us are able to pick up a brush and paint a masterpiece for all to admire.
But at the same time we all have elevated ourselves to be critiques or judges.
For instance I like this!
Or, I don't like that!
and yet,
if we found a scrap of paper with Michael Angelo
or Leonardo da Vinci etchings,
we would guard or cherish that scrap of paper because we knew who the artist was that painted it.

How is it? that I find myself doing or elevating myself to criticize or judge others.
After all, who is it that created that person in His own image.
Yes!! I know that person made poor choices and is not so lovely,
Have I not made poor decisions also.
I suppose I could spare a little grace.












Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The poor father works with his son on an old car.
The boys imagination and testosterone pushes him on-words towards this great love,
his first car.
With great imagination and vision,
the more the boy
moves forward in time, he takes his first step on the moon.

The Rich Dad is working hard to provide all those things for his boy that he did not have when he was a young man.

The father says I want it to be easier for my boy than it was for me.
So the father buys his son
a brand new car
and pays for his college
where the boy learns
entitlement, share the wealth,
the attitude of Robin Hood,
take from the rich
give to the poor,
pleasure, amusement, drugs,
free love.

As the boy makes his first slippery step into the gutter

The father says what went wrong I gave him everything,
everything but my time.













Don't be afraid of dying.
Be afraid of living the unlived life.

It's not necessary to live forever,
you just need to learn
how to live for today
being content with
that which you have,
and forever will
take care of its self .

Being thankful lasts forever












We say I love my kids.

I want them to have
what I didn't have,
I don't want them to have it as hard as it was for me.

Are you sure you are not stealing from them with your thoughts of love.

Is it possible that your hard times actually made you
the Man of strength
and integrity that you are.
The man with backbone
willing to fight for principal,
a love for your country
and patriotism .

Is it possible that those
hard times and hard work
gave you the drive
to actually be the
man that you are today.

Are you sure that by buying your children things that you did not have is truly showing them love by not allowing them the same privilege that you had by working for what they get .

Where do you think entitlement comes from.
Hatred for the authority, are these the same kids that are now running the country and teaching a communistic attitude,
taking from the rich
giving to the poor.

Fathers, they learned it from you. They think you are the rich and they are the poor, deserving what you have worked for.













A message for this life 

Life is not what this world holds for you, 
it is what YOU bring to it. 
Anne Surely 












Who are you?

Do you breathe to prove that you live?

I answer no.

Do you live because you breathe?
Answer yes.
Does breathing give you personal value or are you valuable because of your person?

The one who gave you life is the one who gives you value.
Your value is in His eyes, not yours.
It is the trusting in Him
that makes the who of man,
who you are, what you are, the beauty of you, the real person that you are.















I have talked about spouting words of wisdom from a pulpit of ignorance,
My thoughts go back to the question,


Invariably the person will say well! We believe?!, That's not what I asked!
Most people would rather ignorantly fight for what their group believes, without giving one hour to study to know what I, MYSELF, ME , this is what I BELIEVE .
Can you see now why so many of us are nothing but sheep following ignorant leaders.







Your Life lived!

If you could go back to change those things,
that you are not proud of,
would you?
If you could,
and did change those things.
Would you be the man,
of leadership and commitment
that you are today?
In many cases,
it is your mistakes of the past,
that has made you
the strong man of today.
Sometimes God uses a Crooked Stick
to draw a straight line.
Don't hide your past mistakes,
be a father,
i.e. be a patriarch,
be a leader.

The rewards in life
are not compiled by
the things you did right,
but by how you dealt with
the things you did wrong.












What's the difference
between Kings and Presidents?
In the old days we had Kings
ruling over us controlling
everything in our lives.
So we broke away and became sovereign citizens and we elected spokesman for Presidents to represent us in the world.
They now make executive decisions or orders to bypass our Congress,
so that we do not have easy access to these new laws.
Then they spring these laws on us and say ignorance of the law is no excuse.
Is that the definition of a tyrant?















If you can't be thankful for what you have,
how and why do you think to you deserve anything better.
Complaining is the manifestation of your lack of trust in the






From out of a bed of infirmity'
at the High Noon of my life,
I was informed of your conception,
the weight of responsibility lies
heavy on my shoulders.
The question from the doctor,
to choose life or death,
freedom or responsibility.

I was reminded by an old Mexican lady,
every child comes with a loaf of bread under its arm.

Today I stand,
at the twilight of time.
I look back,
and from the first day,
the Sun shawn
upon your beautiful face_____till now, you have truly been the joy of my life.
Love Dad














Statistics say that every person,
will influence on the average fourteen people everyday
to do good or bad.
Your daily walk in this life is like a small pebble dropped into the pond of life.
The question is:
How is my life affecting others?



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Total freedom without some stipulation
is not freedom.
It cannot be understood as freedom
because you do not have the liberty to choose.
The only one who understands
what true freedom is;
is the one who had it,
taken away
from him.
Without any way to get it back.
So be content with what you have in your hand,
and strive to pass it on,
to those who come after you.

Except a kernel of corn ,
fall into the ground and dye,
it will not reproduce in abundance.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time
with the blood of patriots & tyrants.
It is it's natural manure.
(Thomas Jefferson)









How to bring two apposing adversaries
together in unity.

Make French toast
with English muffins.

Add butter and syrup.









In this crowded, busy, but fog-filled life,
you may feel that you stand alone,
but no!
In that fog is the blanket of His love and peace,
be still and watch-full,
for you are not alone.
You are called to be the Alpha,
a watch-men on the wall.














On July 22nd I was in route to Washington , DC , for a business trip. It was all so very ordinary, until we landed in Denver for a plane change. As I collected my belongings from the overhead locker, an announcement was made for Mr. Lloyd Glenn to see the United Customer Service Representative immediately.


I thought nothing of it until I reached the door to leave the plane and I heard a gentleman asking every male if he were Mr. Glenn. At this point I knew something was wrong and my heart sunk.


When I got off the plane, a solemn-faced young man came toward me and said, "Mr. Glenn, there is an emergency at your home I do not know what the emergency is, or who is involved, but I will take you to the phone so you can call the hospital."


My heart was now pounding, but the will to be calm took over.


Woodenly, I followed this stranger to the distant telephone where I called the number he gave me for the Mission Hospital .

The story is not over (smile)!

for the rest of the story

























What is the value of your name,
What is the meaning of your name?
Can you live up to your name?

Let's look at the meanings of the names
of the first ten generations of mankind.


A mystery hidden in these names,
from Adam to Noah,
tell the story that most of us ignore,
while blaming God for all of the problems in the world,
Like whining spoiled brats.














I have a friend People call Him Somethin'
He's always there to guide me and keep me while I sleep.
He's there again to comfort me when troubles seem so deep.
He's loving. kind, and patient;
When He knows that I am miesin' (in sin)
He warned me of pending danger, but I refused to listen.
The pain that ensued was awesome. it took me to the core.
He hastened near to hold me and I bear this sin no more

I walk today with my hand in His.
I know that I am forgiven
But the scars of sin against this special one,
For whom I am doomed to reminiscing,
Shall hold their place in memory because.,. I didn't listen.
Somethin' told me. but I DIDN'T LISTEN .









No greater aspiration
can one have
than to dye fighting,
with sword in hand
for the liberty of those he loves.

John 15:13













The gift of your Leadership will be measured
By your capacity to control and lead yourself.
Leadership is a decision of courage,
to take on the responsibility of self discipline;
Then to overlook the shortcomings of others
and lead them by example and patience
with the humble attitude of
remembering that you still have weaknesses also.

Always strive to increase your knowledge,
and to Conquer greater mountains.
Your mistakes and failures will keep you humble,
and cause your life to be a good example
of true leadership.
For a leader is not one who is perfect,
but one who will make enough decisions
or enough mistakes
until he finds the right answer.
Have a dream and help build one for others.
Give them a vision,
because without a vision or a goal,
they will die.
Pursue your vision or goal
with your eye always on the finish line.
Pursue integrity so as to run a straight course,
because the end does not justify the means.
Don't consider the suffering and the pain of this present time,
for it shell all be dwarfed by the glory
that shall be revealed at the end of the race,
and this is then called the beginning.
Integrity, self discipline, ramifications
i.e.. consider the outcome of your decisions.
This all equals wisdom.










The Newfoundland Department of Employment, claimed a boat owner wasn't paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent to Burin to investigate him.

Gov’t Agent: "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them".


Boat Owner: "Well, there's Clarence, my hired hand, he's been with me for 3 years. I pay him $200 a week plus free room and board. Then there's the mentally challenged guy. He works about 18 hours every day and does about 90% of the work around here. He makes about $10 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of Lamb's rum and a dozen Labatt Lite every Saturday night so he can cope with life. He also gets to sleep with my wife occasionally".


Gov’t Agent: "That's the guy I want to talk to - the mentally challenged one".


Boat Owner: "That'll be me. What'd you want to know?"  











When God said he has dumped all of your sins in the sea of his forgetfulness why must you insist on going fishing.
Get over it. Its past and paid for.









Material now versus ultimate goal.
i.e.bus stop


When we are faced with an eternal future!

Why are we so preoccupied with the temporal excitement of now?

To gather goods and expensive things of pleasure and comfort,
while standing at a bus stop, only to leave it all behind when the bus comes.

Where is the wisdom in that?

Should you be comfortable and have pleasure in this life?
Yes as much as you can.

But remember it is all only passing,
you must hold to all of these things loosely.

Don't let these things master you and miss your ultimate goal.



Young man and his ego
boasts of great and mighty things,
sees himself as 100 feet long.
When in fact he is only 1 half of 1 percent at the best.
And that's in the morning before he gets out of bed.

The true test of manhood is
his commitment to do the hard thing in the face of fear,

to protect his crew
and at the same time, expecting and inspecting
the crew to man-up and do their duty.

After doing all of that!
taking his ship and crew through the roughest seas.
by example,
then stands before his crew ,
and for the first time they will say with true respect
"Aye Aye captain"
we are ready we are willing to go all the way through.
Only then have you reached the heights of manhood.
you truly have honor.

Young man must learn to put his hand in the hand of his Creator
rather then to allow his life be led by his ego.









No man is an island.

Just because you disagree with someone does that make you right?
When you convince someone else that you are right and they were wrong,
You are bordering on the sin of control.

You are not allowing them to be a free person with their own mind.









If you have been commanded
to deliver a message to the employees,
at what point of this delivery
does the message
become yours to copyright.
You preachers,
building your own empire,
 remember you are
nothing but a water hose,
in other words a messenger,
hired to deliver a message.
Get rid of your ego,
and the supreme titles,
and go back to delivering
the un-contaminated living message.

Not to interpret it
according to your opinion.
This is what the Supreme-court judges are doing with the Constitution.

Malachias 2 1 2 & 3











What is more important for the garden, the water or the hose?

The gardener sleeps in his house with his hose in the shed.
Both are useless
unless they are out in the dirt.

Those who would be
teachers or leaders
with a message'
should get out of their comfort zone,
to deliver the water i.e. the message
to the people, i.e. the garden.













Professor Poochenely
Teaching S
elf-discipline 101








When you aspire to become
the flag on the end of a pole
for everyone to follow,
are you willing to be
something on the end of a stick
that supports
the most common purposes of life.










A true Christmas Message.

How is it the greatest wisdom of life is revealed to a Child,
so that they can lead the prideful arrogant Mind.

Isaiah 11 /6

An orphanage in Russia 1991

Totally lacking of moral or religious training,
the children heard for the very  first time ,
the story of the baby Jesus born in a manger
because there was no room in the inn .

The children were asked to build a manger
with the baby Jesus in it,
with scraps of paper and rags that they could find.

6 year old Yusuf made his manger
with two babies in it.

When asked why two babies.

He said,
When I saw the baby Jesus cold in the manger
I said, I have no gift to give you because I am poor
with no home or place to stay,
may I lie down beside you to help keep you warm.

The baby Jesus said,
yes you may lay down beside me
and you may stay with me always,
that will keep me warm.

Except as you become as a little child!!

Jesus came to lay down His life for us.
  We must lay our lives down with Him.




Dear George
Remember no man is a failure who has friends.
Thanks for the wings.
Every-time the bell rings an angels gets his wings.
It is a wonderful world










When you burry your head in the sand
to protect yourself from the hard truth,
you are sure only of one thing.

Those who would control you
will be sure
 to blow smoke up your but,
for your comfort, and their profit.

I can't help it if my ex. O  decided to
publicize my log book



Left and right

How does the body move forward smoothly.
The body is equipped with a left and the right leg.
Both are diametrically opposed
they don't think alike,
not until the head gives the order of direction
and the two opposing legs
submit to the head and to each other
in spite of their differences of opinion.
his is how the whole body moves forward smoothly.
You preachers quit b******* about the fact
that some preacher thinks different than you do.
Jesus said "if they're not against me they are for me."


If Jesus isn't upset about
the differences.
Why are you?
Who's running this show after all.
Your just a water hose i.e. messenger.



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The Pulpit


Give to Ceaser that which is Ceasers,
to God that which is Gods.

Have we given that which belongs to God i.e. the Pulpit
to Ceaser for a tax-deduction?



Can problems in your life become your saving grace?

Old Norwegian fisherman and his son went out to sea.
Picking their way through the jagged rocks and surf, they entered into calm sea.
As the day passed a sudden squall came up, the sky became black,
they must hurry back to shore.
Something was wrong,
the light house was black.
How to find the shore?
They were doomed to wreck
on the rocks.
Meanwhile at home
his wife was preparing supper.
As they sailed in the direction
of what they thought was the shore,
there was a small flickering light,
and then it grew greater.
Thank God it gave enough light
to see the deadly rocks.
As they came into the shore
his wife ran down to them crying.
We just lost our house in the fire.

The old man was not disturbed,
she wondered why.
He said the light from the burning house was the only thing that saved Jon and me from loosing our life on the rocks .

In the problems of life, always look for
the silver lining of the black clouds.
Live with an attitude of gratitude.


Old Man of The Sea of _____Life








Thinking for yourself?

Is it easier to regurgitate the accepted philosophy
of your club, party, church
than to do your own research for the truth?

Is it easier for a child to use a calculator
to come up with the right mathematical answer
than do write it down or work it out on paper?

Is it more important to fit in, in order be accepted?

Are we allowing ourselves to be dumbed down to conformity?

What is critical thinking?
Is it to criticize or is it to be analytical?

Shouldn't you strive to understand the agenda
of those that desire to control you?


Proper Communication

Old fisherman is working on his boat.
he said to the young man with him:
quickly go to the oar house
and get me an oar.
The young man ran
he came back shortly
with a young lady.

Proper communication

The old fishermen said

I know you think you understand
what you thought I said.
but I am Not sure that you realize
that what you think you heard is
not what I really meant.


In dealing with a deep wound, it is necessary to expose the wound, clean it, then re-bandage it.
If this is not done,
gangrene will set in,
and finally death.
The same is with the wounds
of the past,
or childhood wounds.
You will never grow to maturity until you deal with the past.
Expose it and let it heal.

How powerful are words?
Do words change the atmosphere?
Are words physical?
Father comes into the family spouting angry vile curses.
Did he actually change the atmosphere of his happy family,
Is he about to put his ship on the rocks?
Yes, with all the neighbors watching.

We pride ourselves in the ability to expound eloquently on the subject of great Philosophic matters, using many words, but we are humbled when it comes to expressing gratitude.
We are left with only two words, i.e. In Spanish only one word Gracias or Grace.

I’m not religious, I’m Spiritual

Religion of the youth today

Instant gratification,
Tolerance i.e. Truth is relative.
Political correctness,
i.e.(Don’t stand for Principle.
at the cost of offending someone).

Concern for the environment.

This all elevates one,

To a new self-righteousness

Or Spiritual! ??



If you know the truth

Why do you insist on proving to others that you are right.
when you know that you are.

Don't curse the darkness.
Light a candle,

No amount of darkness can overcome
the light of one candle.

Your job is to shut your mouth
and BE that shining light.


What is life?
Life is a benevolent master giving to all equally.

But rewarding only those who fight to know the truth.

So let's look at that statement so often taken out of context.
All men are created equal.
All men are not equal,
they are (created) equal.

The statement says all men are created,
but it's what you did,
with that created life that was given to you.

Should you receive a trophy,???
if all you did was show up to the starting line??

You must run the race!

The reward is not to those who run the fastest,
But to all who stay the course and persevere in the face of fear,to the end.

Don't compete with your neighbor,
Compete with yourself,
that will be hard enough as it is.


Not everyone is welcome on my ship,


I can’t treat someone special.




How do we assess
the value of a man's life.

After all was sold the auctioneer held up
an old battered violin.

Who will give me a dollar,
do I hear two
how about 4
the old man in the back asked to see the violin.

He handled it with care'
and tuned it up.

Then picking up the bow,
he played the sweetest melody.

The auctioneer quietly said,
who will give me 500,
do I hear a thousand'
two thousand,
how about 4,
$5,000 sold.

The question arose,
what made the difference
in the value of this old violin.








The gift of your Leadership will be measured
By your capacity to control and lead yourself.
Leadership is a decision of courage,
to take on the responsibility of self discipline;
Then to overlook the shortcomings of others
and lead them by example and patience
with the humble attitude of
remembering that you still have weaknesses also.

Always strive to increase your knowledge,
and to Conquer greater mountains.
Your mistakes and failures will keep you humble,
and cause your life to be a good example
of true leadership.
For a leader is not one who is perfect,
but one who will make enough decisions
or enough mistakes
until he finds the right answer.
Have a dream and help build one for others.
Give them a vision,
because without a vision or a goal,
they will die.
Pursue your vision or goal
with your eye always on the finish line.
Pursue integrity so as to run a straight course,
because the end does not justify the means.
Don't consider the suffering and the pain of this present time,
for it shell all be dwarfed by the glory
that shall be revealed at the end of the race,
and this is then called the beginning.
Integrity, self discipline, ramifications
i.e. consider the outcome of your decisions.
This all equals wisdom.




I had one minute
with 60 seconds in it

I didn't seek it
I didn't choose it.
I have the now that I might use it.

I found in life
and all the amusements,
so often then that I refused it.

Now time is past
and I look back to see
the waist in all its lack,
the precious time in
how I abused it.

I pray for grace
in this right now
that I may choose it.

Hebrews 3:12 -15







Your Life lived!

If you could go back to change those things,
that you are not proud of,
would you?
If you could,
and did change those things.
Would you be the man,
of leadership and commitment
that you are today?

In many cases,
it is your mistakes of the past,
that has made you
the strong man of today.
Sometimes God uses a Crooked Stick
to draw a straight line.

Don't hide your past mistakes,
be a father,
ie. be a patriarch,
be a leader.

The rewards in life
are not compiled by
the things you did right,
but by how you dealt with
the things you did wrong.


ode to the sailor

4S.D. Ode to the sailor
lthough I call and hear no answer
I seek your Face,
In the stars I see your smiling eyes
of assurance,
I'm reminded of your thoughts
for me

They are thoughts for good,
and not for evil,
so that I may have an expected hope.

Jer. 29:11



The Clock of life is wound but once
And no man has the power


To know just when the hands will stop,
At late or early hour.

To lose one's wealth is sad indeed,
To lose one's health is more.
To lose one's soul is such a loss
That no man can restore.

The present only is our own.
Live, love, toil with a will.
Place no faith in 'tomorrow'
For the clock may then be still.


No greater aspiration
can one have
than to dye fighting,
with sword in hand
for the liberty of those he loves.

John 15:13




Life is the search for a treasure

To be held for eternity
A treasure that multiplies
Only in your willingness to
Give it away.

My great quest in life is
This mysterious treasure.

As I was moving through the
Sea of humanity,
I come up on great orators
spouting dark secrets of their wisdom,
from a pulpit of ignorance.

You might say they are Beautiful Vessels,
appearing to hold vast treasures of cargo.

ALASS, -- upon closer inspection I find their holds
filled with emptiness and perishables,
Nothing of substance! !

In my travels I came upon an old weathered ship
moored close to a floundering vessel.
As I sailed closer to inspect,
I found this old weathered ship having no beauty,
was sharing of his life-giving treasure
to help the floundering craft.

The moral of this story is:
the reason this ship stopped to help
is because at one time it was floundering too.

At closer look, I found this craft was sharing the very TREASURE!
that I was looking for all the time,

It was the treasure called:


What is it to be Humble?

The humble man never looks back.

That which was,
is past.

That which is,
can be changed.

That which will be,
is Hope.

The Now
is a journey of gratitude
one step at a time!

Your reward is accounted to you

depending on your Attitude of this moment

“Be still and know that I am God”.

Life is the accumulation of moments called NOW

Did you open your present today?

Every day is a gift from God.
That is why they call it the PRESENT.
So open your daily Present with thanksgiving.

What is LIFE?

(Life is a benevolent Master)

Who gives to all
but rewards only those who fight
and seek to understand truth.

What is Hope?

(Hope is Life)

Without Hope!
You are hopeless.

If you have lost hope
For in the seeking,


The man who lives by the credit card

is likened to the fisherman

who sells his net on Friday night for a Party.

Then stands before a sea of fish on Monday,

with nothing to catch them with.




Why The Now?

No Crystal Cathedral!
No Church with a Steeple!
The Sun stoops low
to passionately caress his beloved horizon,
Her body trembles with adoration,
receiving his kiss with a blush of fire
in her cheeks.

I STOP to realize, but WHY?
I am indeed this Temple of God,
Crafted by His own hands,
for this very moment was made for me!
For Him to show His love
and acceptance of my being.




Eph 1, 4



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