Two old religious words that we do not understand.

Saint and Holy:
These two words come from one Greek word Hagios which means set apart.

That's easier to understand.

Now lets look at the word righteous;
Another confusing religious word.

If God has set you apart, are you His?
If you are His, then in His eyes
you are without blame
you are righteous!
Eph. 1:1-4

You will answer, but not in my eyes!
Are you greater than God?
Do you see better than God?

How stupid can one man get!

It is your damnable pride and your own self-righteousness that refuses to see yourself Through The Eyes Of God.

So humble yourself in Thanksgiving for his grace and mercy.






Can you tell the depth of a person's understanding and commitment to God,
in other words spirituality,
by his politics?

Damn right!

The extreme-right
Will be self-righteous controlling idiots.

The extreme left
Will be tyrannical dictators trying to please all for his OWN BENEFIT.







We are five days from fundamentally transforming America.

How would you go about fundamentally transforming a barrel of Good Apples?

Number 1
put three layers of good apples on the bottom of the barrel.

Number 2,
place two rotten apples in the middle.

Number 3,
fill the barrel with Good Apples.

Number 4.
Put the lid on the top of the barrel.

Now you have climate control

Walla! Fundamentally transformed.








Climate control and overpopulation

All of Canada the United States and Europe are not producing babies and they are killing the ones they do not want to the point of national extermination

So if the productive of Nations become extinct who will feed the non-productive welfare recipients of the world?

Climate control

If government decides
they can control climate
this will give government
total control over people
and no control over climate.
The people will be fed by the government.
Freedom with responsibility
will be no more.
We will all become serfs or slaves
of the government,
for the government to abort or eliminate as needed.

A quote from President elect Bernie Sanders,
"Isis is caused by climate change.
Is that to say, if we could change the climates then the wild Isis gangs will stop cutting off heads and raping ten-year-old boys and girls?"











My wife asked me to pass her the lip balm

By mistake I gave her the super glue

She's still not talking to me








While espousing clarity of thought,
a large part of advertisements
Planned parenthood
The woman uses birth control pills,
the man gets FIXED i.e. visectamy,
the baby gets aborted
and is used for body parts.
sounds like a junkyard.

FREE public education
No Child Left Behind.
It's a shame to let a good mind
go to waste.

Now the student comes out of college
 without the ability 
to nail two boards together.
53% of them are jobless,
and in great deal of debt to the government.

What would that look like,
A 45 to the head?
Too messy, and I don't like loud noises
you could also get hurt doing that.

How about a drive through mortuary
with tax deduction for your car,
a tax deduction for your body parts
and your ashes
are mailed to your children
as fertilizer for the garden.

    This is what you call








HOW a person responds
to ME,
Usually has nothing to do...

Until I respond in like manner with something that has nothing to do...

These are two people coming from two different circumstances in life;
now trying to relate
from two totally different directions,
leading to total confusion and anger.

So when dealing with
difficult problems
try to find neutral territory;

over a cup of tea.










At times that's all you can do.

You breathe in all of the good,
the new life,
the richness
of the future ahead.

But to enjoy any of this,
you must breathe out
all of the bitterness the pain,
and even
those cherished things
that you loved but can't hold on to.

let it all go.
Empty yourself of all that past.
Now breathe in
all of the new life of peace.









The epitome of arrogance

Life becomes difficult,
only because of others.

You see, if all people understood
the way I do,
or could see as clear as I do,
then none of us would get offended at each other.
We would all get along
very well.

You see.
I get offended at others because they cannot see that all I am doing was for their best interest.

It was also advantageous for me.

I realize I understand better than others, so I being wiser should be patient with those who are








Times do not change

There was a time that all people spoke the same language.

So they rose up to defy the creator of the world so that there would never ever be another flood ,
they built the Tower of Babel.

Their languages we're all confused and so they were scattered over the whole world.

Today after four thousand years we can all speak the same language once again by the computer ,
do you think that we are ready to finally make war on this God that we think is stopping us from all the fun that we should be able to have.
So far we are allowing our government to get rid of all traces of this celestial kill joy.









The worm hole in the Apple:
is it there for the worm to get in
or for the worm to get out?

If it is there to get out,
how did he get in?

So it is in life,
we are all born with
that seed of sin within.

The conservative farmer would not throw the Apple away,
he would give it to his wife,
she would cut the worm out and make apple pie.

Even though you may have imperfections in your life,
God is patient, He will cut the imperfection out and make something beautiful out of









Why is it that we measure how high we are by comparing ourselves with those around us?

How high you are is relative to the truth that you submit to,
Whether it is God's truth or the cares of this world.

Are you in a flower garden
or the city dump?

As a child we would play
king of the castle,
which happened to be
the local horse manure pile
because it was the only mountain around to play on.

That is what I mean by measuring
your self by those who are around you.

    Daniel ch 4: 17







Our time on this earth is a bus stop, not a homestead.
So let's think outside the box.
Freedom has nothing to do with the opposite, which is slavery.
It has to do with free will which comes with baggage

The baggage is:
you are ultimately responsible for your decisions.
We are all taught by others,
but we are responsible for what we decide to believe,
and will account for our decisions as to what we believe and what we chose to do with it.
It would be important to get a good lawyer to speak for you on the day of accounting.
1st John 2,1









The beautiful oyster shell
nestled on the ocean floor ,
loving, enjoying
the gentle sea currents,
the exotic colorful coral,
the seaweed caressing her sides,
the excited
orgasmic enjoyment of life,
until one stray seed entered in .
A real irritant
What a disruption
and inconvenience!
but worst of all
those virtues
and principles of life
getting in the way.
What can I do?

When the oyster
receives a grain of sand in her shell it's painful to her,
its an inconvenience to her,
so she broods over
it she works with it
and accepts it,
and over a period of time
it becomes a beautiful pearl.

So it is with the unexpected conception of a child.

Life happens while you are making selfish decisions.








A simplistic sketch of the progressive steps of the natural man without Divine Principle.

1. Born in absolute dependency for food and cleaning.

2. The need to learn to feed themselves and tie their shoes .

3. Having to submit,
obey or else.

4. School 1 and 1 is 2,
work to make ends meet.

5. Learn to use others weaker than yourself to gain more for yourself.

6. Independence of those who taught you and now great pride in your own autonomy.

7 Superiority over those weaker:
HOW to use their ignorance for your benefit in the name of helping them.

8. Abundant wealth.,

9. Control of others.

10. Power corrupts,
absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung,
today's politicians.
That's for you to judge,
but be careful,
you will be judged accordingly.
Start by looking deep within.

So much for electing those who say I am progressive.













A Picture is
a return ticket
to a Place in Time
Held for ever in Eternity,
but lost forever in the folds of time.







At one time there is a raging fire,
and another time
an even gentle ongoing flame
and then there are those
beautiful coals,
slowly, ,
burning in the hearth.

The secret in the fire
is how you attend to it.








The importance of deep communication.

How often we see the
union between a man and a woman,
they come together
they may even be by all outward appearances to become one.
But in reality it was only superficial
they produced children
they may even have worked or toiled together.
Did they ever learn to communicate?
Deep too deep,
and in the final parting were they only two ships passing out at sea?







The Lost Horizon

In many cases the media is inundating
us with the cares of this moment,
and so if we accept it we stop the flow
of His mercy and grace
which leads us to hope.







We never stop being a parent,
but it would seem,
that to many of us







There is the man who can father kids.
to father his kids.







Do not protect your child from hardship.
For the discomfort is the beef-steak in life
for him to cut his teeth upon.

He can learn from difficulty
but receives nothing from the pacifier.

Challenges are the spices of life,
as the rain storm
brings appreciation
for the Sun and flowers.

You will not crave water till you are walking through the desert.







We all have come into this world naked and empty handed, grabbing for that what we need.

We leave naked
and empty-handed
of all that which we could grab.

So remember!
that which was so precious!
in life...

Hold onto it loosely
because when it is time to let it go
it will not hurt so bad.

After all you have nothing in this world that was not given to you by
Without air to breathe a heart to beat
you could not have received









Not everyone is welcome on my ship,

I can't treat someone special.











When I was in the military service 
I learned trust or faith 
INTREPID obedience. 

i.e. To do 
or fear not to do, 

because of a growing 
trustful love 
with the 
[ LORD ] 










Death is a faithful servant, 
who visits us all! 

Then to sort us out in different places 
of our own choosing. 

One day the ruler of life and death 
will relieve death of his duties, 

HE then will rule and reign over ALL! 











WHO is Life? 

I once referred to life as a benevolent master who gives to all but rewards only those who seek. 

Let's look at life as a loving mother or father who plays peek-a-boo with the new born baby. 

Why peekaboo? 

For this reason only, 
to establish confidence in the child , 
so that even though the parent is not seen 
HE is still there watching. 

If you seek me with all your heart you will find me always there!!!! 












There was a man who suffered great in his desire to bring light into the world. 

After much effort he created the light bulb and then he created many more. 

He was so pleased with his creation, 
and there was a great love affair between him and his creation. 

So he gave the light bulbs the Great Commission --- 

You are the light of the world, 
fill the world with light. 

They immediately went out and spread the light over the whole world, 
but after a while they would just get together once a week in a very dark room to compete with each other as to who was brighter than the other. 

Occasionally a dim bulb would come in. 
Or one that was flickering and almost going out. 

They would jump on them or condemn them for not being very bright. 

They had forgotten the greatest principle, and that is even the smallest spark in a very dark cave can lead the people to salvation. 











There was a young man infatuated with lighthouses later on in life he was given one to care for. 
So he worked diligently every day to clean and paint the outside and a polish all of the glass in this lighthouse. 

His favorite place was a beautiful room at the top of the lighthouse. 
The view was magnificent what pride he took in all of its beauty 

But after working so hard all day he found it difficult to sleep at night , 
with that glaring light 
going round and round. 

It was so much more peaceful to just turn the light out and enjoy the stars and the moon at night. 

But one night there came a mighty storm and he was asleep. 












The bitter sweet joy of overcoming temptation. 

Years have passed and the memory! 
even pain of that what if; 

The beauty of desire, 
and lust still linger, 
as an echo. 

Only because of principle 
and circumstance 
this meteor of desire 
missed it's disastrous goal. 

And now you see more clearly, 
you can see the cost 
or the loss unto others, 

Because you did not yield or because someone pushed you out of its way. 











There were two lifeguards 
sitting on their great and high pedestals 
by the beach. 
They both came from two different schools of thought. 
Today they had a trainee with them 
and he was sitting on a stool below them. 

There was a young lady 
way out at sea 
floundering and drowning crying for help. 

The two lifeguards were arguing 
as to just how the proper way was 
to save this young lady. 
While at the same time the young trainee went out and saved her, brought her back. And she was so happy about it. 

The two lifeguards decided to chastise the young man because he didn't do a very good job of saving her 

My thought is this: 
Is this not like our different denominations fighting amongst each other while the world is going to hell in a hand-basket? 












From the moment of coitus till now you have been called to the race. 

In the beginning there was this exciting orgasmic mad rush 
of thousands, 
but only one would win 

It happens that you were that seed 
and were the one to win the rush to life. 

And there you were standing on this platform of beginnings, 
with the whole world cheering your arrival. 

Your thought from that great start was: 
Wow it's all about me. 

But now you have entered 
the fourth quarter. 

You find it is not as glorious as you thought life is. 

Its not all about you 
you're being knocked around, 
misunderstood, ridiculed, 
life is not fair. 

You tried to run straight and were deceived by the cunning alure 
of the beauty of evil and desire, 
you tripped, 
you fell, 
now you want to quit. 

But stop, wait! 

This race is not about being first! 

This race is about standing with courage upon the truth 
that has been revealed to you. 

Hold fast!--Stay the course! 
you will! 










You will never truly help or lift the load of another fellow traveler in life, until you feel the weight of his burden on your shoulders.












When you take credit for something good . 
(whether you deserve it or not) 

Did you ever think that there will be a day that you MUST PAY for the credit you took upon yourself.
















When sailing a ship one must always be checking his compass 
to correct his course. 
Otherwise he will not arrive at the expected Harbor. 
So it is in life When one humbles himself to say I was wrong, please forgive me; 
This is more beneficial to oneself than to the one he has hurt. 
You see it is self-examination of your character, 
and integrity is now restored. 
A man is only as good as his word. 
What's more even God regards his Word 
to be even above his name.








I'm reminded of an old shack, 
the sun is rising 
and streaming in the window to the floor. 
not a breath of air moving. 

The old man picked up his pipe 
and packed it, then lit it. 

The first puff of smoke billowed out 
in beautiful curls as the Sun 
caught its splendor 
floating - twirling - leaving a 
delightful saver. 
And then! 
And then it's gone! 

So it is in life. 
You're born with the splendor of youth, 
you're filled with love, wife, children. 

They grow and then they're gone. 
Then you slowly fade away. 

What did you leave behind? 

And what hope did you anchor your life upon? 







Trials in life are inevitable, 
don't abhorre the coming tests,
but take joy in passing the test. 

For each test is only 
a rung on the ladder of life, 
with each step 
the vista, joy, wisdom 
is more majestic. 

Philippians chapter 4:4-8 







Deception is easier to deal with than 

which may interfere with what 

2nd Tim 4:3 












They say that worry will not help anything, but I don't believe that, 
I think I am very successful at it 
Because 90% of that which I worry about never comes to be. 



















Very often we are asked how do you FEEL? 

or at other times we dwell on our emotions good or bad. 

We may meditate on our fears of things to come, in most cases they never manifest. 

These thoughts or feelings, or emotions are all superficial, 

To answer this problem we must take control of all of these thoughts emotions and fears by casting them down and think of what is substantially real with an attitude of thankfulness whatever is good whatever is honest whatever is pure whatever is lovely think on these things 

II Cor. 10:4 and 5 








For the past five months I have not sat down to the log book to submit any thoughts, but in return I have been in deep thought, and I see storm clouds looming in the east and great corruption on the hill. 
My message to all is to batten down the hatches and prepare for a great storm. 

This ship that we are on is well made and can handle the storm. 
We will be victorious but not without a battle. 

Whether seas be calm or rough , 
WE WILL GO THROUGH with no remorse 
to peace in harbors bluff. 












What is life?
Life is a benevolent master giving to all equally. 

But rewarding only those who fight to know the truth. 

So let's look at that statement so often taken out of context. 
All men are created equal. 
All men are not equal, 
they are (created) equal. 

The statement says all men are created, 
but it's what you did, 
with that created life that was given to you. 

Should you receive a trophy,??? 
if all you did was show up to the starting line?? 
You must run the race! 

The reward is not to those who run the fastest,
But to all who stay the course and persevere in the face of fear,to the end. 

Don't compete with your neighbor, 
Compete with yourself, 
that will be hard enough as it is. 











Why The Now? 

No Crystal Cathedral! 
No Church with a Steeple! 
The Sun stoops low 
to passionately caress his beloved horizon, 
Her body trembles with adoration, 
receiving his kiss with a blush of fire 
in her cheeks. 

I STOP to realize, but WHY? 
I am indeed this Temple of God, 
Crafted by His own hands, 
for this very moment was made for me! 
For Him to show His love 
and acceptance of my being.











Every day is a gift from God. 
That is why they call it the PRESENT. 
So open your daily Present with thanksgiving.

What is LIFE? 

(Life is a benevolent Master) 

Who gives to all 
but rewards only those who fight 
and seek to understand truth. 












No greater aspiration 
can one have 
than to dye fighting, 
with sword in hand  
for the liberty of those he loves. 

John 15:13 











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